Important Ongoing Information

All of this information has been communicated to parents previously in letters, and is visible in the school brochure, which is always available if parents wish to update their copy. However, these are reminders: 


School Hours 

School starts promptly at 9:00 and finishes at 3.30. The school has a legal obligation to follow up on lateness (after 9:00) and to report on this. Lateness after the registeration period (9:15am) is classed as an unauthorized absence unless good reason legally allow us to authorize it.    



These must be reported to school as soon as possible on the first day of any child’s absence by the parent with parental responsibility. The school has a legal obligation to follow up and report on unauthorized and unacceptable absence. Non-notification constitutes an immediate unauthorized absence, but it is even more important to notify us so that if any child is sent into school – but does not arrive - we will know that something could be wrong and alert emergency services if necessary    


Late Collection 

Any child not collected from school by 3:45 will be escorted over to the Child Care Club to await collection which will incur cost at the cost rate charged by that club. Any child not collected from an extra-curricular club by 4:45 will be escorted over to the Child Care Club to await collection which will incur cost at the cost rate charged by that club. This will be supported by the authority’s legal department if dispute over the charge occurs. This policy will affect very few parents indeed, but will affect one or two parents who consistently turn up at very late times.  


Dinner Money 

Please always pay on time on Monday (£10 per child per week). Governors have made it clear that the school cannot incur debt and we have a sizeable minority who consistently pay late. Regular late payers or non-payers will have details passed to the legal department and will be denied the option of using the school meal service.  


Music Lessons 

For every child having brass or guitar lessons, we are invoiced by the authority for a full year – irrespective of whether or not a child stops the lessons mid-year. This is why parents buying into the service are contractually obliged to pay for a full year – even if their child stops mid-year. Only in this way do we avoid having to pay the bill for that child with somebody else’s money. Please also note that a child’s musical instrument must be insured by the home. If it is left in school and is damaged or broken, the school insurance policy does not cover it. 



Please do not send in jewellery. Theft is rare – but damage and theft can happen in any school. Earrings are not allowed to be worn under any circumstances in P.E. or swimming lessons. This complies with guidelines and may affect any decision over the timing of when a parent chooses to have their child’s ears pierced.  



Please park considerately and be role models to the children in your patience and good manners – especially if a conflict is building! Remember our neighbours and try to avoid on street parking and especially avoid the discourtesy of blocking a person’s driveway. We are a Catholic school and as a Christian family we should always remember the message we are giving to members of the public.    



This is not a “school coach” but a public bus service which we allow onto our land to ensure child safety rather than waiting on a busy main road. Please have contingency plans – what if the coach breaks down? What if you are late collecting?  What if a child gets off at the wrong stop? Etc.  


Mobile Phones

Mobile phones for chidlren are not allowed in school under any circumstances. This was a point of consultation with parents by questionnaire and a firm NO! was the message I got!



These are not allowed under normal circumstances . Staff are informed by school policy, their unions and by the L.A. that they must not administer medicine. Likewise, children cannot self-administer. 



Please do not send your child into school if they are poorly and/or can pass germs onto other children. We have had several instances of this and it really is not fair on other children or their parents. Likewise “headlice” are classed as a medical condition and children must not come into school if these are detected. The school is obliged to phone home if a child is spotted with headlice.



Please only take these during holiday periods. The school is under pressure to cut down on holidays in term time. Only in exceptional cases can the headteacher authorise leave for an annual family holiday. This, however, must not be seen as an entitlement. Unauthorised absence/holidays may result in a fixed financial penalty notice.


Contact Numbers

Please keep these updated. We need these – especially in case of emergency. 



This is policy and includes shoes which should not have “high heels”. Please note that, whilst trousers were introduced for girls as part of our equal opportunities policy, the trousers should be the same “tailored" type for both boys and girls. School must not become a fashion parade and as such bootleg trousers etc. are not allowed. Likewise, skirts should reflect suitability/decency and should be around knee length. Short skirts are not allowed. 


Hair Cuts and Styles

As with uniform, we want to uphold certain standards. “Extreme” styles are not allowed and this includes the use of hair colouring and shaved patterns.  


Healthy Eating

Please do not send sweets, cake, and chocolate for birthdays – we cannot give these out. Water bottles are for water and not for sweet drinks or drinks with additives. 


Mass Times

Mass Times at St Joseph’s are: 6:30pm on Saturday and 11:00am on Sunday. Our Parish Priest is Rev. Fr. J. B. Scanlan.  See the church menu for more information. 



Parents sometimes ask us to endorse passport applications. We do this and unlike some GPs etc we do not charge! However, we always invite people to make a donation of their choosing to CAFOD, church, etc.  


Helpers and Volunteers

Please note any person working/helping in school must have gone through a full C.R.B. check. Parents wishing to undertake this can obtain forms via school but there is a small fee charged by the Local Authority.