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The Literacy Shed and Saint Joseph's, Shaw Proudly Present:


Rob Smith - author, trainer and founder of The Literacy Shed - will be delivering 3 individual training days at Saint Joseph's in March looking at planning English through using visual media.  

After a successful career as a primary school teacher, Rob Smith has been delivering CPD in the UK and abroad since 2013.  Rob works closely with schools and delivers high impact conferences in order to raise standards in reading and writing through the use of film and image.  During the sessions, Rob will explore a wealth of still and moving images which range from short films, film trailers, and adverts to documentaries, animations and extracts from Hollywood blockbusters by demonstrating techniques which staff can take away and use in school immediately.  


Exploring the benefits of film for reading and writing.

In this session, Rob will explore a range of still and moving image media, demonstrating their value to the reading and writing process through analysis and questioning.  The session will look at how a director’s choice to portray something can be used by teachers to inspire discussions and hook students in.


Setting a good example.

In this session, Rob will show how film and image can be used to teach writing techniques such as portraying character emotion, building tension and creating atmosphere as well providing a wealth -of content for both fiction and non-fiction writing.


Taking Grammar to the movies.

In this session, participants will experience how film can be used in the teaching of grammar.  Through discussion and demonstration Rob will share useful activities that use film alongside teacher modelling to enhance the teaching of the grammar curriculum and embed it within the teaching of reading, writing and speaking.


Film story scaffolds.

Films tell a story; in this session Rob will demonstrate how the stories told in films can be used as scaffolds to help students create their own narratives.  Rob will explain how films can be broken down into scenes and shots and what role each of these has within the narrative.  


Praise for Literacy Shed CPD:

"Best hands on, creative, inspirational workshop where children learnt more in two hours than I could possible have imagined.  Lots of manageable and exciting activities which had immediate impact on children's creativity and their writing process.  Would highly recommend your workshops... brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!" Hayley Knowles, Y3 teacher at Mesne Lea School, Walkden @hayleyk  ‚Äč


"The only downside to the Literacy Shed CPD is that you have to wait for the next day to unleash the strategies with your class!" Garry Needle, Head Teacher



Rob will be tailoring the days to meet the needs of the audiences using age specific resources and giving a wealth of ideas to take back to the classroom and use immediately. 



NQT/RQT day: 2 March 2018 - 9:00am-4:00pm

KS1 day: 9 March 2018 - 9:00am-4:00pm

KS2 day: 23 March 2018 - 9:00am-4:00pm

Venue Emmaus Centre at St. Joseph’s, Shaw  OL2 8SZ

Price: £120 per delegate

To book email: head@st-josephs.oldham.sch.uk or call 01706 847 218

There are a maximum of 25 places on each day.