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Maddy Barnes - author, trainer and teacher - will be delivering training at Saint Joseph's in January looking at planning English through using high quality texts.  


Maddy will spend the day looking at planning a unit of work around a high quality text. 

The day will focus on: 

• How to choose a high quality text

• How to map specific year group objectives to a high quality text

• How to maximise and plan for meaningful and purposeful writing activities related to the text 

Time will be spent analysing and planning a unit of work for specific year groups

Time will also be spent looking at high quality texts that can be used as 'whole-school texts‘.


Maddy Barnes is a successful assistant head teacher now working in Manchester.  She is a very experienced Year 6 teacher and has spent most of her career in Salford. Maddy has also taught in India, China and Poland where she has observed a range of teaching styles.

Maddy works regularly with the DfE in English test development for reading and GaPS . She is an experienced English marker, team leader for GPS and has been involved with trial papers for the future suite of tests. She is a KS2 writing moderator for Manchester.

Maddy is a published author (writing New Primary English and Skills Builders) and series editor with Rising Stars (Optional Tests for Years 3-5, and the new Achieve series for 2017). She has also written The Moderation Toolkit for Prim-Ed.

Maddy is a part time English consultant and provides training for schools and alliances. She is passionate about ‘getting it right’ for children.  She believes that when you find the right book, it will do the work for you!


Date: 25 January 2018

Venue Emmaus Centre at St. Joseph’s, Shaw  OL2 8SZ

Suitable for: KS1 teachers, KS2 teachers, English Leaders.

Price: £120 per delegate

To book email: head@st-josephs.oldham.sch.uk

There are a maximum of 25 places.


Reading Intervention

Developing Comprehension

with Struggling Readers

Course Leader: John Murray



Key Learning Aim:

To consider the difference between Shared and Guided Reading and explore reasons why some learners find it difficult to understand what they are able to decode across Key Stages 1 & 2.

To equip teachers with the necessary strategies and techniques that will enable their learner’s reading comprehension to move forward.


Section I

John will begin by considering reasons why learners can find the transition into skills based reading problematic and discuss how these might be addressed.

He will also outline the difference between Shared & Guided Reading, and explore how to achieve the best results when teaching poorer readers within both contexts.


Section II

John will discuss the structure of a good Reading Intervention session and explore how to boost reading comprehension levels in order to:

* Develop a learner’s higher order reading skills using decodable text.

* Improve their  understanding of what is being read at word, sentence and whole text level.


Section III

John will continue to develop how to build opportunities that help learners secure Expected Reading standards.

He will also consider the importance of Reading Fluency and explore which aspects lead to improved understanding of text.


Special Notes:

This is a half day CPD course. Please inform us which session you would like to attend when booking.

Should you wish to purchase the Reading Rocketeers resource, there is an additional cost of £35.


Date: 19 January 2018

Time:  [A] 9:30-12:30 [B] 1:00-4:00

Venue: Emmaus Centre at St. Joseph’s, Shaw  OL2 8SZ

Suitable for: Y1-Y4 Class Teachers, English Leaders, SLT & SEN Coordinators


Price: £75 per delegate (includes refreshments)


To book email: head@st-josephs.oldham.sch.uk